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Detroit ( USA), January 12, 2015

No question about it: This part is the hit of the 2015 NAIAS Detroit ( January 12 to 25 ). Ford brings a stunning new edition of the legendary GT 40. The super sports car called GT will go into production the end of 2016 and are sold in selected markets. By 2020, Ford plans to bring out the way, twelve new performance cars, including a Focus RS, the F-150 Raptor and Mustang Shelby GT350.

Revenge on Ferrari

GT 40? Was not there something. Right: the mid-1960s Ford wanted to buy from the Enzo Ferrari sports car brand. But the Commendatore turned crosswise and then the US group adopted a plan: In Le Mans wanted to show Ferrari, what's what. The result was the GT 40, who won the Ford 1966-1969 four consecutive 24 hours. 2004, the first modern edition was launched under the name GT. From the 550 hp car came close to 4,000 copies, of which only 101 copies but came to Europe.

Something strong for the anniversary

The same GT successor is not without reason that 2016 started: In this year, Ford is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the first Le Mans victory, so actually the name GT 50 would not be inappropriate. Anyway: In contrast to the 2004 GT, the new model emancipated visually much more from the historical model, but cited in design yet enough elements of the GT 40. The passenger cell made from carbon fiber seats two passengers, auxiliary aluminum frame complemented by carbon body parts. Ford promises an excellent power to weight ratio. On the rear there is a spoiler, its height and angle is variably adjusted to the tempo, and other conditions. More technical specialties are completely ceramic brakes, a torsion bar suspension with pushrod dampers and Michelin sport tires on 20-inch wheels.

fixed seats

The search for any avoidable gram does not exclude the occupants. About scissor doors get these inside and take place on seats, which are an integral part of the carbon cell. However, the pedals and the steering wheel can be adjusted. The driver engages a valance in Formula 1 style and overlooks a freely configurable digital instrument.

supercharged unit

The power source is a mid engine mounted 3.5-liter Ecoboost petrol engine with six cylinders and twin turbo. The unit has been running under race conditions in the American IMSA series, in the GT V6 600 HP to provide. For the power transmission, a seven-speed dual clutch transmission is responsible, which is mounted in a transaxle design. So far, so good. And what about Europe? That the GT makes its way across the Atlantic, is considered quite likely. One can only hope that the numbers do not like homeopathy fails as the GT of 2004. But one thing is certain: As 50 years ago, Ferrari must dress warmly . (rh)