ground giant

Prague ( Czech Republic), February 17, 2015

Strictly speaking, Skoda's flagship actually " Nádherný " hot. This means namely "Superb" in Czech. But first, the model name Superb is a classic from the 1930s, and second, the translation would hardly fit the clarity with which takes up the third generation from June 2015.

With fine sanding

Even at first glance fall on the streamlined, sharp lines of the new Skoda Superb. He joins in the current editions of Octavia and Fabia, whose angular design also dispenses with optical antics. Distinctive model for the Superb was the study VisionC shown in Geneva in 2014. From it the great Czech takes over the square headlights, wide grille and distinctive lines of the side windows. As a conclusion it is similar to the Octavia sedan a kind of fin. The front vehicle overhang was shortened by six inches, at the same time increasing the track.

Risen everywhere

An outstanding feature of the Skoda Superb has so far been the generous spaciousness. Here is the third generation has even more to a possible makes the modular transverse matrix ( MQB ) of the Volkswagen Group. The length grows by almost three inches on now 4.87 meters, the width increases by about five centimeters to 1.86 meters. At the level of growth varies from minimal. Not so with the wheelbase increased by eight centimeters to 2.84 meters. Thus, the Superb exceeds its affiliates brother VW Passat significantly, which is 4.77 meters long sedan and has a wheelbase of 2.79 meters.

Seat giant

Even in the current Skoda Superb let it flop down admirably in the rear, the new edition will chauffeur car. Both the headroom and elbow width increase, the rear legroom is specified by the factory with 15.7 inches. An extra that you know more of the Mercedes S-Class is the electrically adjustable from the rear passenger seat. It can be moved longitudinally, height and angle are adjustable. For added convenience, the all-new chassis to provide multi-link rear suspension.

Only a flap

Truly gigantic issue in the new Superb but not only in the second row to. In the trunk future fit 625 liters of luggage, folded down rear seat, there are 1,760 liters. The tailgate opening is 1.17 meters long and 1.08 meters wide. Not only that predestines the Superb for the furniture store visit: If the front passenger seat folded, can fit up to 3.10 meters long items into the vehicle. Speaking of stone: the former Superb solution, in which, depending on the button a smaller lid or the entire door opened, is past. The sedan has only now and only on a large hatchback door. It opens and closes electrically upon request, optional, there is a system that opens the trunk by movement of the foot under the rear bumper. If that giant luggage compartment of the Superb sedan is not enough, must be patient, because it will once again be a wagon.

modern infotainment

Since we're on the options: The number of extras is enormous. On offer are a heated seats front and rear, a heated windscreen, a park steering assistant for longitudinal and transverse gaps, a three-zone climate control, an adaptive chassis control, a rearview camera or even a LTE high-speed Internet access. The largest radio navigation system includes an eight - inch touch screen. Already the second lowest Radio allows you to connect to your smartphone and the operation of selected apps across the screen in the car.

Blessing in the rain

A Superb detail since the first edition of 2001, the umbrella compartment in the left rear door. Now there are two umbrellas, stuck in each of the front doors. Dripping water flows out through an integrated dissipation. To what extent is this kindness are all standard features, is at present not clear yet.

much Help

Of course, not missing assistance systems should be mentioned here as adaptive cruise control, a lane departure warning, a system that moves the Superb autonomously in traffic, and a traffic sign recognition and a Totwinkelwarner. The headlights work with halogen or Bi - Xenon technology, always come at the tail LED lights are used.

From economical to quickly

The engine on offer in the new Superb first of five gasoline and three diesel, all with Turbo technology and start-stop. The gasoline engines make 125 to 280 hp, the diesel range extends from 120 to 190 hp. The so-called Green Line version of the smallest diesel engine from the end of 2015, with only 3.7 liters of fuel and emit commented 95 grams of CO2. The standard version comes out to 3.9 liters. At the other end of the line, the 2.0 TSI with 280 PS replaces the previous 3.6-liter V6, which brought it to 260 hp. The new The most powerful is always supplied with six-speed DSG and four-wheel drive. In 5.8 seconds 100 km / h are achieved at 250 stuff is limited. Who does not need 280 hp, but a DSG, the automatic replacement gets for all engines except for the base petrol engine. Four-wheel there are outside of the strongest engine in conjunction with the 150 hp 1.4 TSI and the two-liter TDI units with 150 and 190 hp.

What do you want

The prices of the new Superb sedan Skoda expresses not, so far they start at 24,290 euros. Most likely you will just start below the 25,000 - euro - sound barrier. With respect to the standard equipment, there are currently only information that should be included in all EU countries. The basic version called Active offers manual air conditioning, four electric windows, electrically adjustable and heated door mirrors and 16-inch steel wheels. In the Superb Ambition ranks: There is a two - zone climate control, 16-inch aluminum rims, rain and light sensor and a radio with colored five-inch touch screen. Top model of the Superb Laurin & Klement, named after the Skoda founding fathers. Included are then 18-inch wheels, bi-xenon headlights, piano-bar, leather seats and adaptive suspension.

The best Skoda ever?

Skip to second - generation Superb been attacked 560,000 customers worldwide, in China alone there were 200,000. These figures are likely to increase, even in Germany, where the VW Passat encountered a tough competitor in its own group. Still, the VW is in this country in the ratio 5 to 1 in the front. But Skoda CEO Winfried Vahland are very confident overlooking the Superb: " The new model is the best Skoda ever and marks the beginning of a new era. " In Czech, one would probably say " prvotřidnì ": first class. (rh)