Grey, but cheap

Frankfurt, 3 may 2016

Whether it is coincidence, that the launch of the new Fiat Tipo hatchback color is grey? Hardly, marketing strategists choose color wisely. And it fits to the positioning: the Italian brand, wants to focus after the emotional 124 spider here again on the rational part of the brand, writes own Fiat.

Range of models doubled!

With its compact models, Fiat over the decades has worn a lot of names. Ritmo, Tipo, Bravo/Brava/Marea, Stilo and again Bravo of the latest Compact is called Tipo again. It was already known that there will be the new model in three body versions. According to the rather unimportant for Germany notchback version, which was launched in March 2016, the hatchback follows in the summer. Thus you have the "Double range", Fiat announced proudly. Then the station wagon comes in the fall.

Kia and Fiat to build the cheapest Schr├Ągheckler

The rational claim of the VW-Golf competitors shows except in color at the price: from 14.990 euros, you get the car. Compared to the Gulf that is cheap, because for the base model, you pay more nearly 3,000 euros. And here the rear doors cost surcharge, while they are in the Tipo series. However: The five-door KIA CEE'd is 1.4 to get 14.990 euro also for exactly. A coincidence? I don't think so. But that's not unattractive, the Fiat because the CEE'd 1.4 and the Tipo 1.4 are the single five-door hatchback of this size, which is there for so little money. For a Skoda rapid Spaceback 1.2 TSI or Toyota Auris 1.33 are already EUR 600 more due.

T-Jet versus E-torQ

Rationality is often associated with much trunk in conjunction. And here the 4.37 meters long Tipo with 440 liters scores a CEE'd or golf offers only 380 liters. As the notchback sedan also offered Tipo hatchback in the equipment easy, pop, lounge. There are two petrol and two diesel, but there is a difference: when the hatchback the gasoline and the diesel have each 95 and 120 HP, but in the notchback, the stronger petrol engine makes only 110 horsepower. Because the 500 X known from the 1.6 is installed in the notchback version E-torQ, while the sloping rear version gets the 1.4 T-Jet from the 500 L.

Almost identical base facilities at the KIA CEE'd

The base model is the Tipo 1.4 16V pop with 95 HP for said 14.990 euro. At KIA to get for the same money the CEE'd 1.4 attract with five more Horsepower. The standard equipment of the Fiat includes electrically adjustable and heated outside mirrors, a central locking with radio remote control, air conditioning, electric Windows front and an audio system. The CEE'd base model is similarly equipped but lacks the air conditioning and the mirror defrost, the KIA has a built-in CD drive.

Also Abstandstempomat available

The medium version easy is to have as 15.990 euro. They come here to a five inch touch screen, rear electric Windows, a leather steering wheel, a leather gear knob and LED daytime running lights and chrome door handles. The top version lounge is again a thousand bucks more expensive, offers in addition 16-inch alloy wheels, a two zone climate control, light and rain sensor, a cruise control, fog lights with cornering lights, and a seven inch touch screen. Equipment packages offer extras such as leather seats, navigation system, Abstandstempomat or city emergency brake. And if not your favorite color is gray, you can order the Tipo in seven other colors might come so still some emotion in the game. (sl)