Great thought

Detroit ( USA), January 13, 2015

So many German visitors that lingers on the Buick stand at the NAIAS in Detroit ( 12 to 25 January 2015), could come to this idea: How about the comeback of a large Opel? Which is almost in the tradition of a captain, Admiral and Diplomat. After all, Buick and Opel belong to the same group. The reason for this is the study of dreams Avenir (French for "future" ). It gives an outlook on a sedan in the format of a Mercedes S-class.

much sheet

Let's talk about a few facts that brings out the Buick Avenir: The car is 5.19 meters long and 1.93 meters wide. Inside there are four seats and a twelve - inch touch screen and Wi-Fi with LTE technology. Outdoor light up LED headlights the road, all-wheel technology adhere to the 21-inch wheels on the asphalt. Under the hood lies a V6 gasoline engine with direct injection and cylinder deactivation, the unknown power is transmitted by nine-speed automatic transmission.

China at a glance

What is the purpose Buick with the Avenir? Ed Welburn, vice president of global design teams from General Motors, says the study demonstrate the growing international importance of Buick. In fact, the brand has become quite successful in China. There is the largest model in the 5.16-meter Park Avenue, but in which there is a Holden Statesman from Australia. This solution could replace the series version of Avenir, especially since the study has not only single seats, but also video screens behind. Such details are in China, where cars of this size are often on the road with chauffeur, is important. But even in the US makes the Avenir sense. Here to date marked the five-meter peak in the LaCrosse model range, a kind of extended Opel Insignia.

A new Opel Diplomat?

Brings us to the topic of Opel. And more than you think. The series of novelty Buick at the NAIAS 2015 shall be rebranded Cascada who comes in the USA with the 200 - horsepower turbocharged petrol engine on the market. Some well-known models of Buick are also only slightly clad Opel cars, the Verano (Astra Saloon ) and Regal ( Insignia ). So why not even operate the Rebadging in the other direction? An Opel Diplomat based on the Buick Avenir would be a possibility, given the expected lower volumes. Image in the process towards premium could record all Opel. Perhaps making company chairman Karl-Theodor Neumann so times a test drive in Avenir . (rh)