Government gets more autobelasting on

The government last year, hundreds of millions of euros more tax is collected from car owners. The Tax office could make more money cashing in, because Dutch people and more cars are bought. In addition, the average rate per sold new auto.

The so-called tax on passenger cars and motorcycles (bpm), it provided the treasury a total of 2 billion euros, calculated the Central Bureau for Statistics (CBS). That is an increase of almost 30 percent, or 449 million euros, compared with a year earlier.

The altitude of the bpm is determined on the basis of the type of fuel a car consumes and reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases. In 2017, the rates of the aanschafbelasting tightened up, allowing owners of uneconomical cars more are going to pay. Partly because of this, increased the bpm per new car sold to 4652 euro, against the 3957 euro in the previous year.