Golden Boy creates tremors desert

Dubai ( UAE ), November 10, 2015

McLaren has its house tuner MSO commissioned for the Dubai International Motor Show to place ( 10 to 14 November 2015) a special desert racer based on the 650S Spider on the wheels. The result is the " Al Sahara 79 ", a special model, which offers the only manufacturer in the Middle East.

Particles of pure gold

" Al Sahara " is the Arabic for " desert ". To commemorate the special shade of sandy landscape, MSO has painted the Spider in " pearlescent white gold ". The color have been added to particles of 24-carat gold, which is to produce a particularly brilliant shine. The number 79 is, as we still need to know from the school, to the atomic number of gold in the Periodic Table of Elements. Is contrasted the expensive gleam of black shiny elements and many mainly carbon applications. The interior design with gold-colored air vents and switch bezels is a bit strange, but maybe like the illustrious clientele in the UAE just this look. In addition to the golden eye-catchers, the interior is almost completely held in white and black.

Approximately 370.300 Euro

Nothing is changed on the drive, the 3.8-liter V8 delivers 650 hp and 678 Newton meters ?? that's enough to make the desert tremble. After all, goes in smooth three seconds 100 kph, as are top 329 km / h there. The Sahara - Spider costs the equivalent of about 370,300 euros. This price is just as hot as the Sahara: the 650S Spider starts in the standard version at 255,000 euros . ( hd )