Germany premiere for new Alpine

Cologne, 3. August 2015

From 5 to 7 August 2016 historical automobiles reading "German Goodwood" himself again on the picturesque Schloss Dyck, a kind of. Many manufacturers are also Renault with part of the game. The French have some treasures from their successful motorsport past. A certain modern vehicle is likely but outshine all other exhibits.

It starts in the year 1906

The oldest vehicle of Renault contingent is of type AK from 1906. With this car, Renault won the first ever aligned Grand Prix. The race in Le Mans went at that time over 1,248 kilometres, for which the type AK needed good twelve hours. Under the "hood" is a 13-liter four-cylinder with 90 HP. For today's standards, this appears very weak, in 1906 it was enough for a lead of 32 minutes on the runner-up.

Customer racing anno 1907

From 1907, the Renault comes Agatha, which is based on the type of AK is the first customer sports car racing of history. The car ran several races in America and it was equipped with a 7.2-liter engine with 42 HP. Eleven examples were ever built.

In the thrill of speed

19 years after the Agatha the 40CV brought to France a world speed record. In 24 hours, the Monoposto with wind-slippery body drove 4,167 km with an average of about 174 km/h. Renault was able to achieve a new record with the Nervasport, which reached a top speed of over 200 km/h in 1934. The straight-eight engine produced 108 Horsepower and the body was designed by a specialist for race planes.

Alpine-premiere at Schloss Dyck

In addition to the historic race cars, Renault will take six more cars to Schloss Dyck. At the heart the concept vehicle is Alpine vision concept, which will be seen for the first time in Germany. The views of the next Alpine has many fans already around the world found and excited again with a cool retro design. Matching the visitors can admire the entire Alpine range including A106-A110, A310, V6 turbo and A610. The latter was discontinued in 1994. Time so that the new Alpine 2017 finally comes on the market. (mf)