Future portal with a hook...

Las Vegas (United States), 5 January 2017

"By Millennials for Millennials" as Chrysler describes the latest concept car, the American manufacturers at the show CES in Las Vegas (5th to 8th January 2017) has revealed. The transportation of "the fifth generation" will connect everything, what importance young people these days. We have all the information about the Chrylser concept portal.

Car for Millennials

Technology thrilled with a sense for the environmental and economical: as Chrysler arises after own studies before the "Millennials" so people who were born between 1980 and 1999. And so also the Portal concept is to occur. The Interior is flexible and allows a variety of configurations. Also, there are various interfaces for social media to be able to share the driving experience at any time with the online world. The drive is to be ensured by latest battery technology and a growing network of charging stations.

Futuristic Interior

In the Interior of the study, soft, smooth, sculptural lines to create an atmosphere of well-being. Neutral and gray colors create a calm style. The seats are foldable and adjustable and can be moved on Rails.

Drive and autonomy

The battery capacity of the Portal concept is 100 kWh, significantly more than most have electric cars today. The range should be around 400 kilometers converted. Using the quick charge function to 250 kilometres in less than 20 minutes "tanked" are can. In addition, there are several semi autonomous functions that allow in certain circumstances, the car do the work to make and to focus on other things. This is ensured by various sensors that continuously scan the environment and monitor.

Optics? Well

The whole story of the Millennials but has a hook: what young man has really desire to put its Optik reminds us more of a caricature of Chrylser Voyager as in the 21st century in a clunky mini van? Advanced technology or no, the eye will be always. Is at least my 1994 switched millennial brain. (mf)