From V40 up to the XC90 everything is electrified

Cologne, October 16, 2015

Volvo relies completely on electricity: The Swedish manufacturer will in future increasingly offer plug-in hybrids as well as an electric vehicle. The goal: Every tenth Volvo should go with hybrid or electric drives worldwide.

New plug-in version with front-wheel drive

The plug-in hybrid drive provides the view from Volvo is currently the best combination of efficiency, range and comfort. The Swedes lead him first into the larger cars of the 60s and 90s a series based on the new scalable product architecture ( SPA ). The plug-in XC90 comes shortly on the German market, the new S90 sedan ?? the successor to the S80 ?? should follow 2016th The Swedish top sedan would be obtained with the twin - engine drive and all-wheel drive. In addition, however, there will be a new variant of the drive in which the power of both engines is directed to the front axle ?? a testament to the versatility of SPA.

Second platform called CMA

Everything is not based on SPA, should in future be based on a second platform, the compact modular architecture ( CMA ). This includes the planned new 40 - series. Also CMA is designed from the outset to plug-in hybrid and electric drive. Presumably, the pure electric car is on this basis are based, plans to offer the Volvo off of 2019. However, this will give details later known by the well-known ( and even when tested XC90 ) whittling Volvo. Anyway, Volvo is convinced of the success of electrified models: " We are confident that we can achieve around ten percent of our global sales with electrified vehicles in two years ," says Volvo CEO HÃ¥kan Samuelsson . ( sl )