From another planet

Stuttgart / Beijing ( China ), November 3, 2014

Mercedes has today opened its new development center in Beijing used to present an extremely forward-looking crossover coupe concept called Vision G - code. The G - Code is ranked with a length of 4.10 meters, a width of 1.90 meters and a height of 1.50 meters below the GLA ( it could be an Audi Q1 - competitor ) and shows what might someday is possible ?? including the imitation of a warp drive like in Star Trek. And yes, that is our earnest.

Shop by paint

Under the hood of the Vision G - code operates an unspecified plug-in hybrid drive. It consists of a turbo - engine, running with hydrogen and drives the front wheels, and an electric motor, the tinkers to the rear axle. Depending on the program selected the G - code runs as a front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive or as a fully variable in four-wheel mode. Mercedes speaks of a full-bodied digital drive shaft. Really wild, it is but only if you want the Vision G - code load. Who the outlet for filling the lithium - ion battery is too common, which can easily go in the sun. The G - code has namely via tiny solar cells in his " Multivoltaik Silver" baptized paint. ( Intended for the G - code ) and should the yellow ball in the smog-infested cities in Asia have not even seen, which is also not bad. By the ambient wind of travel or the coating will charge electrostatically and thus supplies the power for the generation of hydrogen on board. And even the suspension of the small study can generate electricity. If springs and dampers work, the hydraulic liquid generates a current, which in turn drives a generator.

If a grille comes to life

Getting back to the Enterprise and the holographic light show of its warp drive. The Mercedes Vision G - code makes use of for Spock, Kirk and Co., in which he replaced the conventional slat grille by a full-surface display. Using a sophisticated star matrix visualizes the " cooling - display " the current operating mode of the G - code. Park the car, there is a gently pulsating blue light. If you go purely electric, glow digital miniature blue star in the radiator grille and run from the outer edge of the display inside. It creates a kind of tunnel vision. In hybrid mode, the blue tunnel changes to violet. If one goes into hybrid sports mode, the display turns red and the direction of the star reverses, almost as if throwing energy to the G - code. On the other hand almost normally act the LED headlights with G - shaped LED daytime running lights, the continuous LED light strip at the rear and small cameras on pivotable wings instead of conventional mirrors.

G - code awakens via smartphone

Similarly, forward-looking ( and crazy ) presents the interior of the Mercedes Vision G - code. Over-hinged doors with no B - pillar leads into the interior. Particularly easily succeed, because the seats are moved far apart and pedals as well as cockpit " collapsed ". Only when the pilot einclipst his smartphone into the docking station, awakens the G - code. Then seats, dashboard and pedals are put right and the steering wheel folds including Head-up display like a butterfly. Sufficient information to provide a wide screen display, which uses almost the entire width of the dashboard. The assistance systems include a 360-degree environment detection using 3D cameras, radar, infrared scanner, GPS data and data exchange with the transport infrastructure.

Seats with body scanner

Should not you still be stunned, then take a look at the seats of the G - code. The bucket seats are equipped with a 3D body scanner that monitors important functions of the body and represents the desired level of wellness of all occupants on the central display. Depending on these values, massage, heating or cooling functions are activated automatically in the seats. So that the occupants of fatigue or tension spared, the G - code can hunt beyond pure oxygen into the cabin, resulting in hydrogen synthesis. The air conditioning supports Wellnesprogramm by means of photosynthetic emission wash cleanses the outside air naturally aspirated, then ionized and so for allergen and particle-free breathing air in the interior provides.

A little too much future

So also extended jams in Asian urban centers of terror should be taken. If it does not go any further, the G - code but also has a passable solution. In dual boot floor there are two electric mini - scooters that are loaded while driving and will provide additional mobility. If something too radical or too good occurs the G - code, then rest assured ?? it will never happen. As with the off-road study Ener-G - Force 2012 shown the crossover coupe makes noise Daimler " no claim to a reaction in a manageable period of time. " The G - Code descriptive rather " way, which can be viewed from one day our grandchildren as prior art. " ( sw )