Four-door mega-hybrid

Affalterbach/Geneva, 7 March 2017

If you have dreamed always of a four-door AMG sports car with hybrid drive, and over 800 HP, then today is your lucky day. Well, at least half a lucky day, because what has presented Mercedes-AMG just at the Geneva Auto show, is officially the name GT concept, is hung with a whole lot studies tinsel. But the four-door GT of AMG will be likely to diminish even 2017. And what the Swabians under the catchy slogan "AMG future performance" of the Lac Léman brought have, we should probably also sooner rather than later in a partially electrified AMG athletes see.

Much GT with a shot of CLS

The Mercedes-AMG GT concept already relative clearly shows what the third sports car developed by AMG will look like. As an extremely spicy to mix from the current AMG GT and the next Mercedes CLS (which will be released also in this year). The Pan Americana Grill, the proverbial hood and the rear end with the narrow taillights, the brutal diffuser and the Middle tail pipe (as with the AMG GT R) scream quite according to AMG GT Coupé. In page view, and probably also, similarities to the CLS by the hand are as regards the General proportions, to show. That should benefit also the space in the Interior. AMG promises for his "dynamic fastback thanks to great tailgate and variable Interior and luggage a benefit of everyday life". In the extremely flat shape which come out almost without beading and edges, can be seen, very good about it, where the Mercedes design so will evolve in the next few years.

Much studies tinsel

Of course, the Mercedes-AMG GT concept also has lots of typical studies makeup that you will get in the series version probably does not face. Include the red-painted props at the grill, the extremely elaborate lights (including so-called "nano active fibre technology" daytime running lights with 3D-artiger light cord), the rear-view mirrors in form of miniature camera or the little subtle, multipart rims with much chrome and gold. As the movable radiator shutters in the front air intakes, which should improve the aerodynamic and thermal efficiency like at the AMG GT R of similar to appear much more realistic. You may see again the large carbon-ceramic brakes, as well as at least parts of all carbon in aprons and skirts on the production version.

Series car on the basis of the S 63 S

They will probably not stand on a stretched AMG-GT platform, but 63 S use the modified base of the new Mercedes-AMG E. Including 4Matic +-all-wheel drive and the 4.0 liter Twin-Turbo V8. This should also bring it up the four-door GT of AMG on 612 HP and 800 nm. The transmission is so different than sitting at the AMG GT Coupé and Roadster to the rear axle. A rear wheel steering system GT R seems but to improve the driving dynamics and stability at the AMG.

Up to 816 HP

In the next step, and that is the real highlight of the Geneva AMG study could come hybrid high-performance on the market the four-door GT then eventually also as extreme. Like all future AMG-hybrid, he can then get the label ' EQ power + "atop. Kind of athletic enhancement to the name 'EQ' all 'normal' Mercedes electric cars be wear in the future. Similar to Porsche, in Geneva the 680 HP strong Turbo S E-hybrid as a new top model of the Panamera series show, is the increase in performance in the foreground of all hybrid efforts also at AMG. In the GT concept therefore combine the 4.0 liter Twin-Turbo V8 with an additional electric motor. To its performance, there is still no information. He is described only as "strong". Also, the Affalterbacher speak of the "possibility of a system capacity of up to 600 kW in its last stage". That would be then 816 HP. The word "strong" seems quite justified. And AMG Chief Tobias Moers added: "He completed the Sprint from 0-100 in less than three seconds what corresponds to level of the super sports car".

Batteries using the modular principle

AMGs new performance-hybrid system, the electric motor directly drives the rear wheels. In addition, the force due to torque vectoring can be allocated to individually each wheel. According to AMG, the battery is stronger, more compact and lighter than conventional hybrid energy storage. In addition you chose similar as when Tesla a modular principle, which is extended upwards, better to be able to meet the requirements of different customers and markets.

Help of the formula-1-Department

The AMG GT concept can move in three different modes of operation. It is purely electrically powered (how far, is not mentioned), as Nitro, or hybrid. While driving, the battery is recharged by braking energy recovery and with the help of the petrol engine. AMG is known as an operating strategy that was derived from the own formula-1 race car. Also the engineers at Mercedes-AMG HPP (high performance production GmbH), which is responsible for the F-1-drive, are involved in the work of AMGs hybrid system. Mercedes-AMG made experiences with E drives in sports cars in 2010 with the SLS AMG electric drive. At the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 2017 you will present also the new AMG Hypercar, that uses the V6 hybrid from the formula 1 race cars and you want to make over 1,000 HP. (black & white)