Ford Winz turbo wins again

Hair, June 27, 2014

An annual ritual as Dinner for One is taking place since 1999 awards for Engine of the Year. So many well-known from previous units were awarded in 2014 again. But certainly not in all price categories, there was "same procedure as last year".

Best New: 360 - horsepower turbocharged Mercedes

Naturally, always a surprise is the winner in the category " Best New Engine ". Here were a number of new BMW aggregates to assess, and since the Munich have more engine-of-the-Year awards than any other manufacturer garnered, their chances were not bad. But this time, Mercedes had with the engine off A 45 AMG, AMG 45 CLA and GLA 45 AMG ahead. The most powerful production four-cylinder also impressed by its low consumption.

For the first time an electric car as winner

In the "green" drives BMW also looks into the tube: Not the new i3 won, but the Model S from the American manufacturer Tesla. For the first time this year did not win a hybrid or natural gas car, but a pure electric vehicle. Last year's winner in the category, the 875 - cubic - gas - tiny Fiat, only reached number five because vordrÃĪngten other newbies. At the other end of the range, in the sports car engines, Ferrari won with the V8 from the 458 Speciale. In the various engine sizes, there are many old acquaintances. Thus, the 1.4 TSI twin charger VW is now the eighth time in a row winner of the category 1.0 to 1.4 liters. The overall competition was won by a familiar engine, which triumphed for the third time in a row: the three-cylinder turbo petrol engine from Ford (sl)