Ford lifts the Transit Custom

Cologne, 23. November 2017

Felt it sees any plumber or delivery man in a VW T6 or Mercedes Vito driving around. A different brand of the king in the class of the payload of a ton: the Ford Transit Custom. In Europe, he leads the hit parade, from January to September, 2017, around to 86,400 copies have been delivered. Now the Transit Custom gets a comprehensive Facelift.

Distinctive Front Fascia

Recognizable is the new Vintage of the Transit Custom on the grille with three struts is, in addition to a revised front bumper. Especially the inside, Ford has turned to the Transporter, the Cockpit with up to eight inch large touch screen in the middle takes on elements of the new Fiesta. To be underlined the possibility of use as a mobile office, and advanced storage options of 25 litres.

Even more helpers

In addition to the controlled Sync 3 Infotainment as an Option, there are a variety of assistance systems, including an intelligent speed limiter that is decelerating on the basis of the traffic sign recognition vehicle to the specified speed limit. Add to that, on request, among other things, an adaptive cruise control, a lane-assist or a rearview camera.

It's the Sport live

A little curious, the new Sport version of the box car appears to be. She gets called a "GT stripe" on the hood, a 170 HP Diesel. Another feature of the black is, in part, equipment, leather-covered interior.

As you like it

In General, the Transit Custom is available as a panel van and station wagon in two wheelbases available: 2,93 meters and 3.30 meters. In addition, two roof heights, permissible total weights of 2.6 to 3.4 tons (important for the owner of a car-driving license class B) and up to 1.384 kg payload. New additional air suspension on the rear axle for the Version of the Kombi M1 is. An Optional six-speed automatic is available.

Plug-in Hybrid is coming in 2019

For the time being, the only engine is a two litre Diesel in the power levels of 105, 130 and 170 HP. Added to this is now an economical Econetic Version of the 105-HP engine, the Transit Custom 300 with a short wheelbase. The standard fuel consumption of 5.7 liters is achieved, among other things, by a non-selectable speed limit of 100 km/h. Still stingy it will be 2019, when Ford brings the Transit Custom with a Plug-in Hybrid on the market. This is based on the one-litre EcoBoost petrol engine with three cylinders, the electric range is 50 kilometers. Particularly interesting is likely to be this Option for suppliers, often in inner cities and Diesel-driving bans fear. The conventional Ford Transit Custom, comes the beginning of 2018 on the market, the prices start the car in 33.272 Euro for the box, the Combi-discount on 34.700 euros.(rh)