Fast Sweden adventure

Cologne, 6 December 2016

Recently, Volvo has brought the bad ways combined V90 cross country with the swashbuckling look (slightly more ground clearance and a little hard plastic at the bottom of the body) on the market, since the Sweden push already another innovation for the adventurer. This time the big Volvo with the also great trunk about a performance optimization can look forward. Thus, PoleStar Chief Niels Möller wants to offer a new level of driving pleasure power-hungry customers.

Power injection and automatic updates

PoleStar is responsible for the update. Since 2015 tuner now officially has power injection for two diesel engines D4 and D5, and the top gasoline T6 in the program, which as you know are all two-liter four-cylinder engine to Volvo. Also improved the response as well as the switching speed of the eight-speed automatic transmission.

Slightly more Horsepower, more torque

The D4 engine uses free, 200 HP after the pole star treatment plus ten horses. The torque climbing from 400 to 440 Newton metres. The D5 sets to five Horsepower and 20 Newton meters to a total of 240 Horsepower and 500 Newton metres of torque and the top engine T6 reached even 334 HP and 440 Newton metres (plus 14 HP and plus 40 Newton metres).

Available from spring 2017

How are the updates are reflected in the performance, still does not reveal the manufacturer. The consumption and emission values should remain but identical. Without any numbers we want to not say goodbye then but also: the optimizations for the V90 cross country beat regardless of the engine with each 1.199 euros. Installation costs and Inspectorate will be billed separately. (ml)