Facelift Friday: Porsche Panamera

How Porsche also from the beaten paths is different, get used to it always seems to be. That is certainly true for the first Cayenne, but also the Panamera was in his first form, the initial few hands on each other. Or that better with the facelift of 2013, we are investigating today.

Life as liefhebbersmerk is not always easy. Porsche is perhaps the best example of this. In the past decades, the brand has to be forced to be rigorous steps to convert and in addition, given the Germans invariably the wind from the front of a conservative group of enthusiasts. Whether it was to the 928, the Boxster, the water-cooled 911, the 996-generation of the Cayenne, the criticism came invariably in earnest. That was certainly also the case with the Panamera, the car with which the brand in 2009, the fight with toplimousines of the competition aanbond. Although... actually, had the Panamera has no direct competitor. The hatchback door is already a guarantee in a world full of sedans, but the Panamera was and is also much sportier than almost any alternative. At the same time gave the car more interior space and daily gebruikgemak than the very exclusive Aston Martin Rapide, that in many ways is still a sort of DB9 with rear doors.

So a Panamera sounds with that as a compromise, but it wasn't the first Panamera to count on in the most positive case rather mixed reactions. Porsche tried to replace the 911 and the Boxster well-known design to transfer to the large and spacious Panamera. Thanks to the front mounted engine, produced a very striking car, with its dense, low nose and the curved roofline of the most distinctive features were.

As with nearly every other revolutionary Porsche is the case, let the buyers not intimidated by the discussions about the appearance. The Panamera was in a lot of countries quickly in a relatively familiar appearance, what the 'wenproces' without a doubt precipitated. In 2013 took Porsche it's time for a facelift, especially in the back of a sturdy reclassification were assigned. The middle part was completely gladgetrokken, allowing the plate to a spot at the bottom of the bumper had to move. The high-up rear lights were fitted with led technology, which, incidentally, is also gold for the headlights. The leveringsgamma was expanded with a version with long wheelbase and a stamp tax very attractive E-hybrid, which, thanks to the bright green calipers are easy to recognize.