F1-inspired watch collection

Miami (USA), 3. November 2017

The legendary formula-1-Illustrator Giorgio Piola has brought out a new collection F1-inspired timepiece. Decades of intensive Research and illustration work for countless Grand Prixs around the globe has influenced this work significantly.

More than 40 years of F1 experience

For more than 40 years, he has portrayed any change in the Design and development of formula 1 cars on the Grid with detailed illustrations, and the latest innovations and the secrets of speed.

Formula 1 Materials

His new timepieces are "Swiss made" and use of the latest in formula 1-proven materials such as Carbon, titanium, crystal and rubber parts. The watch collection is made available to the Public via giorgiopiola.com accessible – together with an exclusive Printing of His work and the F1-inspired articles.

Three Chronometer

The three Chronometer – the G5, the Strat 3 and Strat-3 Blue – were all designed by Piola. The competence, precision, as well as the materials and the latest Design Trends in the formula 1 are the formative influences of this timepiece.

"Unique Access"

"My years as an Illustrator of formula-1 machines have given me a unique access to some of the finest Design minds in the world. In the creation of this timepiece collection we have let ourselves be inspired by them," says Piola. We looked at materials, Design Trends and examples from the world of formula 1 and the concepts in these beautiful watches transferred. Time is a critical factor in the formula 1. Whether you compete well in Qualifying against the clock, new components created, or a new car builds – the time in this Sport any kind of Action."

"Product create"

"Therefore, the Inspiration for this watch comes from, and I'm thrilled with the final result," adds Piola. "Normally, I illustrate the work of other designers, to make them available to the world – with the Giorgio Piola Timepiece Collection, I had the opportunity to process these inspirations and create my own product."

New documentary to honor His

To celebrate the launch of the collection, ennobles Motorsport.tv the legendary Illustrator this week with the new documentary "Giorgio Piola – Illustrating Speed". The world premiere of the film runs on Saturday, the 4. November 20 watch on Motorsport.tv

Incredible Piola-archive exclusively in the Motorsport Network

Giorgio Piola in September 2015 part of the Motorsport Network-family, which also includes car news. His incredible archive of more than 8,000 illustrations, and animations, is now available exclusively at Motorsport.tv, Motorsport.com and Autosport.com available. The new page GiorgioPiola.com complements the Motorsport Network to a more unique e-commerce platform.(Car news)