Expensive fun in the power tiny

Stuttgart, 6 July 2016

The Brabus models are in the hierarchy of the small city runabout by smart represent the undisputed performance tip. 109 HP and a torque of 170 Nm you can have have fun at a live weight of under 1,000 kg at the start of the traffic light. Now, both the fortwo and forfour Brabus can be ordered. The joy of the Minikins remains a more expensive.

109 HP and 170 Nm

In addition to the compared also the Brabus Sport suspension contributing to the predecessor of 102 to 109 HP increased power and torque increased from 135 to 170 Newton metres 90-HP smart driving dynamics increase over the regular. The "twinamic" called six-speed dual clutch transmission is always on board. Over the 90-Horsepower smart translation is shorter and the response time up to 40% faster. A built-in "race start" function provides optimal speed and slippage for the best Sprint from a standing out. The new Brabus fortwo sprints 100 in 9.5 seconds, a maximum of 165 km/h is in there. 180 things it brings the Brabus forfour, he needs but 10.5 seconds from zero to 100 km/h.

Special ESP and more direct steering

Also the ESP is specifically tuned, the sports exhaust system has been optimized in terms of backpressure. At the same time, Brabus built a sporty tuned direct steering with increased back office moment. Visually there's a gray mat rear diffuser insert Center tailpipes and special Brabus alloy wheels placed. 205ers rubber front wear 185er tyres and rear. The fortwo is 16-inch alloy wheels, while the forfour 17-incher. Including a radio and air conditioning are also a panoramic roof, (except the fortwo Cabrio) and an Abstandswarnfunktion.

"XClusive" package Brabus

In addition to the standard equipment a so-called "XClusive" option offers smart Brabus models. Nappa leather sport seats, a special instrument panel with faux leather fabric, an additional instrument with cockpit clock and Rev counter, Brabus floor mats, as well as various logos are there contained in and on the car.

Lot of money for a smart

The PS fun is good value in the smart not: the Brabus fortwo euros closed 19.710 euro as a convertible 22.970. If you want the forfour, must stand by 20.520 euro. The fleet Smarties from July 8, 2016 can be ordered. The first vehicles should be delivered from end of July 2016. (mf)