Expensive eco - conscience for rent

Cologne, 13 April 2015

Named after the Japanese word for the future is the fuel-cell sedan Toyota Mirai since December 15, 2014 in Japan for sale. The German Toyota dealers of Mirai rolls from September 2015. Really can buy you the future carrier nevertheless denied because the manufacturer provides the vehicles in Europe exclusively for rent. Now the lease terms were disclosed.

Leasing terms

Vorneweg some comparative figures: A Tesla Model S costs around 1,120 euros per month, a Porsche 911 can lease for about 1,000 euros per month and a VW Golf is located at about 150 euros per month. The lease for the Toyota Mirai runs over 48 months and costs 1,219 euro per month. Calculation basis for this is a theoretical retail price of 78,540 euros. The annual contract mileage is 20,000 kilometers. Cost of insurance, service, general inspection and summer and winter tires are included. In addition, many of the comfort features of the Mirai are standard. This includes a sound system with eleven speakers, a voice-activated navigation system, adaptive bi-LED headlights and heated door mirrors, front and rear seats and a leather steering wheel.

Pollution-free fuel cell

But the real highlight of the Toyota Mirai is not any special equipment, but the fuel cell. It produces hydrogen by means of electrical energy, which in turn drives a 154 hp electric motor. Neither of CO2 or other pollutants are emitted. Nearly 500 km should be the range. The tank takes three minute in the same length as in cars with a conventional combustion engine. The problem in Germany is not yet the manageable network of currently 16 hydrogen - leading fuel stations.

Competition from the Far East

Even Hyundai has a production-ready hydrogen car in the program. The ix35 Fuel Cell can be leased for 1,150 euros per month. Unlike the Toyota but the Hyundai can also buy: Around 65,000 euros want the South Koreans have for the water - emitting SUV. (ml)