Everything else, all right?

Munich, June 3, 2015

When we heard that BMW its new X1 and thus would put on a front-wheel drive platform an SUV, we had to swallow first. Throws the epitome of Bavarian hecklastigem driving pleasure all its virtues to the winds? Well, quite as it is not natural. Finally, the new X1 is driven only in the base only via the front wheels. The stronger models get a new all-wheel drive with multi-plate clutch, which can lead up to 100 percent of the power to the rear. It also makes for the Munich sense to put their smallest offspring on the same Feet: The 2 - Vans Active Tourer and Gran Tourer use the new platform, making the next 1 Series will get them, so it would be rather unwise solely from a cost perspective, the X1 outside to leave before. And, let's face it, the majority of customers, it would be quite falling in this class, if you drive moves forward or pushes from behind.

Foreign smaller, bigger on the inside

One of the biggest advantages of the new drive concept, however, is undoubtedly the immense space gain. Okay, the new X1 looks with his upset Bulligkeit as a Minimi version of the X5. Bucking the trend, new automobiles and inflate to the point of uselessness parking garage, it is but actually become smaller. Inside he puts it too vigorously. With 4.44 meters, the inventor of the urban Kraxl segment is four centimeters shorter than before, the wheelbase shrinks by as much as a whopping nine centimeters. Nevertheless, BMW promises 37 millimeters more rear legroom. The optional, sliding by 13 centimeters back seat is as high as 66 millimeters. For a sense of space and more fluffigeres Genre X1 also shoots to 53 millimeters in height. And cheers the boot volume, but it is growing by 85 to now 505 liters. If you fold all around, go up to 1,550 liters in the X1. Uncommon in BMWs Sports ambitions: The seats move upwards. Front 36, back to 64 millimeters.

New engines up to 17 percent more economical

To complain about from Dynamicist view there is little in the drives of the new X1. BMW promises a completely new range of engines with up to 17 percent less fuel consumption. It is the market launch of two gasoline and three diesel, all four-cylinder two-liter displacement. The entry marked the sDrive18d with front-wheel drive and 150 hp. He should make do with 4.1 liters of diesel. He is followed by the xDrive20d with 190 hp ( 4.9 liter ) and the xDrive25d with 231 hp ( 5.0 liter ). Based petrol for the time being the xDrive20i with 192 hp ( 6.3 liters ). At the top of the xDrive25i is 231 hp with ( 6.4 liters ). In November 2015, the sDrive18i follow with 136 hp and 116 hp with the sDrive16d.

For now, no three-cylinder

A three-cylinder is therefore not immediately available. But we are firmly convinced that even X1 customers will sooner or later served with the strong character and pretty wild 1.5-liter mini-engine. 18i, 16d und18d come standard with a manual six-speed gearbox, all other engines are coupled to a new eight-speed automatic. Friends of the brisk pace also pleased with " the most dynamic segment " and options such as a variable sports steering, a lowered by ten millimeters M sports suspension and electronically controlled dampers. In addition, the X1 - drivability of a stiffer and lighter material in the body and chassis to take advantage. Depending on the model, the SUV is about 35 kilos lighter than its predecessor.

Practical and networked

The new interior is BMW fans will quickly get to grips. "Looks just like always," If we imagine at first glance. In the second we see then: "Aha, something high and quite handy." The passenger seat backrest can be folded down now, and there are buckets of storage compartments and opens and closes the tailgate surcharge as if by magic. Standard equipment includes air conditioning and 6.5-inch color display, including iDrive and handsfree fine. New to the list of options are a colored head-up display and all-LED headlights. Of course, also comes the X1 on request with trillions of assistance systems, including a highway traffic jam assistant that up to 60 km / h shall not only the distance control, but also keeping track takes over. And all sorts of online services and their own smartphone brings BMWs small SUV also better than ever in the interior. If you want to settle in the car an emergency call, check the traffic, tweet or delight in your Spotify account, this is no longer a problem.

When does it start

If the new BMW X1 comes on the market in October 2015 he will have to deal especially with the Mercedes GLA and the Audi Q3. The unique selling point " RWD " is gone then, but who has traveled already 2er Active Tourer knows that BMW gets along pretty well even with front wheel drive. His debut is the small rough at the Frankfurt Motor Show ( 17 to 27 September 2015). The prices are not fixed yet . ( sw )