Even to have a rally legend

Böblingen, 7 April 2016

The World Rally Championship, WRC, Colin McRae and Subaru Impreza belong together for easy. No wonder, then, that the message of the original McRae Impreza in 1997, which is available in the Motorworld in Böblingen for sale, has inspired us. Who has left nothing for wide fenders, Wastegate twittering and four wheel drifts, can click away now, for everyone else, we have put together some information about the object of desire.

WRC 1997

We write the year of 1997, start of the first season of advertised under the new name "WRC" vehicle category for cars with four-wheel drive and two-liter turbo engines. For sale car chassis number "97003" for the first time at the Monte Carlo Rally was Colin McRae, World Rally champion his character from 1995 and an obstructionist legend. The season highlight was a victory in the rally of Corsica. At the end of the year, not McRae but was world champion, but the Mitsubishi driver Tommi Mäkinen. After the season, the two-door model with the code "22B" was then sold.

Freshly restored

in 1998 the car was used by the Polish rally driver Krzysztof Holowczyc over four runs to the World Rally Championship: in Spain, Portugal, Argentina and San Remo. In the following years, "97003" made some sporadic starts at events of the World Cup and European Championship. 2008, the car was completely restored and brought up to today's date. Only use in the Rallylegend in San Marino is on the account of the restored vehicle.

Finest rally technology

Under the hood with the typical air intake, a two-liter turbo engine with at least 300 Horsepower does its work. This value was prescribed in the regulations, however, performance data were usually quite clearly surpassed by the teams. By means of a sequential gearbox, the Boxer engine transmits its power to all four wheels. Only two passengers in a very naked surrounding area find the weight of the series version of 1270 kg should loose undercut the rally car, in the Interior.

Legendary car

By the way: Also Colin McRae named a 22B be equity. After the 1997 season he as well as his co-driver Nicky Grist and team boss David Lapworth received such (road) a vehicle. And also the origin of the name "22B" is shrouded. Quite crazy people see even the hexadecimal representation of the cigarettes main sponsor of the Subaru 555 team. Unfortunately, the selling company Mohr classic GmbH does not give a price for the WRC device. But we want to Yes also not immediately bring your dreams to burst. (mf)