European compromise on CO2 emissions cars

The environment ministers of the EU countries have, after hours of negotiations a compromise on the CO2 emissions of new vehicles in 2030 on the road. In 2030 new cars, 35 per cent less CO2 than in 2021, and vans 30 percent.

The member states had during consultations in Luxembourg very divided about the level of ambition. Germany, and six Central-European countries would not go beyond the proposal of the European Commission of 30 percent. The netherlands was with a large number of other countries in favour of at least 40 percent. According to them, is the tightening of the standards necessary to the klimaatdoelen of Paris.

The European Parliament explained the lat last week at 40 percent and is now negotiating with the member states on the final standard.

Secretary of state Stientje van Veldhoven (Environment) showed afterwards with five colleagues from Ireland, Luxembourg, Sweden, Slovenia and Denmark disappointed about the result. They hope that the objective in the follow-up negotiations is increased.