Erlkönig gives hope: 300 HP in the seat SUV?

Nürburgring, 28 April 2017

You could see that actually come. As new Erlkönig images from the Nürburgring race track, seat files on a sports version of its success SUVs Ateca. It sounds kinda absurd, but AMG (GLA 45) or Audi (RS Q3) have already shown properly make checkout motorized compact SUVs with rabbiat. Now, seat will apparently pull.

He comes with 300 HP?

So far, 190 HP (as diesel and gasoline) are the measure of all things in Ateca. The anti-riot version of the small crossover is to assume that she will be called Ateca Cupra will provide over 100 more Horsepower. Likely to Volkswagen 2.0 liter-TSI Jack of all trades under the hood of the Spanish sport Kraxlers will be namely. In the current Leon Cupra, it produces 300 HP and 380 nm. Range in the Leon-Kombi ST in conjunction with four-wheel drive for pretty unreasonable 4.9 seconds from 0-100 km/h and 250 km/h top. In barely heavier Ateca, horrendous performance in it are likely to be similar.

More sound

We have to do it above displayed prototypes with a clearly performanteren Ateca variant, you can see lower other of the four tailpipes and larger wheels. In addition our Erlkönig photographer reported a significantly grainier sound. The production version of the seat Ateca Cupra is likely also get a firmer suspension and sportier great aprons.

No real competition

Real competition would not be afraid of the performance Ateca. The mini John Cooper works countryman is significantly weaker with 231 HP, which are much stronger and more expensive mentioned Audi RS Q3 (340 to 367 HP) and 45 (381 HP) Mercedes-AMG GLA. The Ateca Cupra should cost in the production version probably just over 40,000 euros. When he comes on the market, is still unclear. However, we expect a launch in the course of the year 2018.(sw)