Electrical for all: a solar car are motor Sion

Munich, 28. July 2017

Really attractive he looks, at first glance, Yes, the first E-car prototype, the Munich-based Startup Sono motor yesterday at a Release Event in your own office-complex on humanity has released. The Sion looks like a Mix of kastigerem BMW i3, and a whole bunch of it to China. But that is not, presumably, because of the Sion is very innovative. And he is amazingly effective.

Solar cells will increase range

Sono engine had collected in the past year, almost 200,000 euros through a Crowdfunding campaign. Apparently enough to make a first prototype to the wheels. The seats Van-type 4,11 meters in length, five individual, seems to be a very sensible space and outdoor widely with solar cells pasted. It will not be able to process only direct sunlight but also diffuse solar irradiation, which is for example mirrored by the snow. Sono engine speaks of up to 30 km Extra range on a bright day, the solar panels feasible. Overall, the Sion is to come to a real 250 km range. The battery has a capacity of 30 kWh.

E-Motor with 80 kW

Is gear driven by the electric Startup box of a 109 HP electric motor with input. The maximum speed is 140 km/h. Sion, but it is not to only drive, but in a modern way as a "mobile power station". Say: He loads bi-directionally, so it can power electronic devices. Via a Smartphone App, you can take the electricity produced in addition to the disclosure of, for example, to other Sion driver, offer. With the App, it should also be possible, the Sion as a ride to offer, or for certain periods of time completely for rent.

Without Moos nix los

The inside of the Sion seems relatively simple. However, he has a Ten-inch infotainment system. And the dashboard is stuffed with moss. Yes really, moss. The electromagnetic attraction it's supposed to filter up to 20 percent of the fine dust from the air. Do not need to pour it according to the manufacturer, but.

It reservations are still missing

A price Sono Motors has called now. The is 16,000 euros, with which the manufacturer intends to appeal, according to his own statement, "families and City commuters to a broader middle-class". The battery is not there yet. It will cost 4,000 euros, and in the alternative to the monthly rent will be offered. With almost € 20,000 of Sono Sion would be a bit cheaper than a Smart Fortwo electric drive. However, he is much bigger and almost twice as much reach. All this, of course, that he actually comes on the market. 5.000 reservations according to the Sono necessary, in order to start series production as planned in the second quarter of 2019. The 1,500 reservations were met in the past. To have this number as quickly as possible is greater, travels Sono engine, with its Sion through at least twelve cities in seven countries. The starting shot for the big test tour takes place on June 18. August in Munich.(sw)