E-Scooter with rechargeable battery pack

Krems on the Danube (Austria), October 19, 2016

The electric-scooter mark Niu arrives now to Europe and has a new model in the luggage: the N1S civic. He is to set new standards in the segment with high-quality technology and practical features.

Up to 70 km

The scooter with the name of a Japanese compact car was built and designed from the ground up as an electric vehicle. Heart of the scooter is the removable battery with lithium batteries from Panasonic. The advantage of the portable battery pack is that even people who do not have a garage with charge, now can purchase E scooter. Simply recharge the battery at the local outlet. Around 10 kilograms heavy energy storage has a capacity of just under 1.7 kWh, that's enough according to the manufacturer for a range of 70 kilometers.

110 Newton metres and 2.4 kW

The NS1 civic is driven by a wheel hub motor, which was developed together with Bosch. 2.4 kW and 110 Newton metres sounds like fun. The engine provides not only for driving, but also the battery feeds thanks to energy recovery and protects the brake system of the scooter during deceleration.

With GPS system

In addition to the modern battery technology, Niu bought a GPS system that can pair with your Smartphone the NS1. So you can locate the roller in case of theft or just its travelled route to trace and collect. Also, the scooter has LED lamps.

Only 2.699 euro

The N1S in the China Changzhou, China, where specially for the Europe model, it emerged a new factory is being built. The price can be seen. For only €2.699, the civic is having. For this price you can almost say no. The scooter will be sold by the Austrian KSR Group headquartered in Krems an der Donau. (mf)