Dyson car factory in Singapore to build

Stofzuigerfabrikant Dyson electric car's build, and now reports that its manufacturing facility in Singapore to set up.

In september 2017, it was announced that the well-known manufacturer of bagless vacuum cleaners Dyson also would focus on the development and production of electric cars. The company is going in the coming years, to 2.83 billion euros to invest and let recently know that it is in the Uk Hullavington Airfield a testing site goes up. Now let the company know where the cars are going to want are going to build: not in the Uk, but in Singapore.

Dyson will start in december with the construction of a two storey manufacturing facility, which in 2020 should be ready. The company says for Singaore to have chosen it because of "the existing production chains, access to markets and the expertise available". That indicates there may be on that Dyson especially potential to see in the Asian market. Previously gave the Dyson to that it was his first car in 2020 on the market. Now speak to the company about 2021 as introductiejaar. The first car is 'flavour'. Later, two more conventional models, says Dyson.