Mercedes-Benz B 170

Since 2005, the Mercedes-Benz B 170 is available in the auto market and closes the gap a variable family van which gaped between the A-Class and C-Class Estate. The construction of the Mercedes-Benz B 170 ended in 2009, as the successor to 180 (same engine) is produced as a new car since that time, the Mercedes-Benz B. As a motor, a four-cylinder gasoline engine was built at the Mercedes-Benz B 170, which has a displacement of 1,699 cc. The resulting 116 hp are good for a top speed of 180 km / h - the 100 km / h sprint is done by the VW Touran competitors in 12 seconds (factory specifications). The average consumption of 7.3 liters is built only from time to time (2008-2009) NGT version of the Mercedes-Benz B 170 topped that consumes 4.9 kilograms of natural gas per 100 kilometers. The interior of the van seats up to 5 passengers adequate space and gives more space dimensions, despite lower than, for example, an Opel Astra or Golf Plus. Despite very good registration figures, Daimler AG plans to put the B-Class from 2012 to ice and to build a new van, which combines the advantages of the b and A-Class in a car.