The BMW Z2 is a small roadster aims to build on the success of the BMW Z3. The Z4, as the legitimate successor of the sports car, was due to its high price for a new car and the excessive weight, not build on the successes of its predecessor. The BMW Z2 it is now set and is offered at relatively low prices as a new car and put the fun of driving (driving pleasure) back to the forefront. It does not skimp on the small roadster based on the BMW 1-Series with stimuli : The harmoniously designed body can inspire, as the debut, a new or used BMW Z2 again has a fabric roof, which saves a lot of weight. In addition to the BMW 1 Series and the MINI stand for the BMW Z2 Godfather, some modules were adapted for the Roadster. The new two-seater motor side can also come up with neat power : for the BMW Z2 represents the Bavarian Group three gasoline engines ready, their power is 163-272 hp. For the friends of diesel also a 2.0 - liter common-rail diesel engine will find its place in the BMW Z2.