DS 7 cross back: the macron-mobile

Paris (France), 15 may 2017

Considerable time was been speculated what the new French President Emmanuel Macron goes to his inauguration on May 14, 2017. Now we know: macron relies on DS and joins in a famous Gallery of ancestors.

Number 1 for the number 1

The first man in the State gets even a very exclusive vehicle available: eight months before the market launch in the January 2018 is 7 cross back on public roads at the macron-Mobil the first DS. He will be issued from May 16, 2017, in Paris 'DS World'. The noble SUV has a dark blue finish and has a special feature a folding roof, from its opening out the President can wave to the people. In addition are emblems of the French Republic and Pennat holder for the Tricolor.

Comfort is the key

There are gold-coloured accents on the 20-inch wheels. Thus the youngest French President (macron is 39 years old) is not shaken at the huldvollen wave, is the so-called "active scan suspension" on board. Here a camera detects bumps and potholes, the suspension can respond to advance. This system proposes the arch to the legendary Citroën in the Citroën DS a little (1955-1975). Especially Charles de Gaulle estimated the resulting comfort but also safety. After a tire was destroyed in an attack, managed to escape the DS on three wheels. 2012 macrons predecessor François hollande took advantage of the current DS 5, also with folding roof. (rh)