Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde test seat Ateca

Test seat Ateca

To describe the two faces of the new seat SUV Ateca on the road and in terrain, you must not necessarily seek Robert Louis Stevenson and his characters of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. But the Ateca impressed in the terrain more than commonly accorded to a newcomer with automatically switching to all-wheel drive. That Mr Hyde is on the road to pleasant contemporary, less surprising.

On the grounds of the ÖAMTC driving Centre lang Lebring (Styria) was Mr. Hyde his chance. It was first off-road slopes for semi professionals. The Ateca showed his wild face under the Spanish dynamic sheet challenging climbs and extreme inclination angles of almost 40 percent. Steep uphill or downhill at an angle on the specially prepared course he proved his abilities - whether with a wheel in the air. Thanks to its greater ground clearance and long spring because he mastered spectacular interlocking, with the Bergabfahr Wizard, the Ateca for offroad laity remained a gentle Dr. Jekyll. With some patience and enough gas, he burrowed himself with his summer street tires during the steep uphill through holes

But you never know what still comes. In the presentation of the Ateca was a blind drive only with the help of wide angle cameras mounted in the grille, the exterior mirrors and the rear bumper. On the eight-inch touch screen, they generate a situation-oriented exterior image. Only with its help, but with all-round adhesive discs of the Ateca should be governed through a course. The function called "Top-View" helps the driver with clear view through all slices off road, but also in everyday life. In terrain such as a steep Valley can be searched, that would otherwise remain hidden from the front of the vehicle. In everyday life, the all-round camera system serves primarily the parking and the cover of dead angles.

The Spaniard - unsurprisingly - as a master of the narrow curve is proved on the picturesque wine road on the border with Slovenia. While he behaved snappy in the grounds, so he drove here much more calmly. Already the 85kW / 115hp in the reference entry version 1.0 TSI Ecomotive and front-wheel drive enables fast progress. With the 140 kW / the full spectrum of the Spanish version of Dr. Jekyll is 190 HP in the 2.0 TDI and with all-wheel drive but only to Mr. Hyde can be experienced.

Thanks to generous room offer, his numerous assistance systems and security valued at 5 Euro NCAP stars, he represents an alternative for families. With its emotional design and the multi-faceted connectivity he addresses just this clientele: young, modern and interested in efficiency. "As a third model column Ateca, next to Ibiza and Leon, for seat to acquire new target groups and reduce the average age of our customers", Bernhard Bauer, Managing Director of seat Germany.

Who has the growth rate of the SUV market in sight, recognize that this segment for a new Ateca provides enough opportunities. The fact that 70 per cent already ordered seat SUV in the highest, were chosen the "Excellence" trim level also indicate a consistent value for money. The Ateca is the correct all cyclists for the - hopefully-steep - growth path, the Spanish subsidiary of Volkswagen seems finally to reach. (ampnet/oa)

Length x width x height (in m): 4.36 x 1, 84 (with mirrors 2.08) x 1.62 (m) wheelbase: 2.64 motor: R4 Dieselr, 1968 CC, Turbo, direct injection power: 140 kW / 190 HP at 3500–4000 RPM Max torque: 400 nm of 1750–3250 rpm speed: 212 km/h acceleration 0 to 100 km/h: 7.5 sec ECE average consumption: 4.4 litre CO2 emissions: 115 g / km (Euro 6) weight empty / load : Max load min. 1589 kg / max 616 kg trunk volume: 485-1579 litres: 2100 kg turning circle: 10.8 m tires: 225/50 R 18 price: 35 850 euro