Don't underestimate this white Opel Kadett GSi at the traffic lights (900 hp!)

Grab a Dodge Challenger at the drag strip

900 hp in an old Opel Kadett? Sounds like a cheat code in a tasteful racing game of your choice. Yet the owner of the white Kadett GSi you see in the video below managed to do it. The evidence is provided by the Opel Kadett in a drag race against a Dodge Challenger and later against a tuned McLaren 720S.

Purists will immediately see that this is the last generation of the beloved Opel, the Kadett E. From the scant information in the video we conclude that the Kadett still has a four-cylinder with four valves per cylinder. In the strongest, original GSi version, the sixteen-valve engine produced 150 hp. This makes the tuned Kadett exactly six times as strong as the original.

Opel Kadett wins a drag race

A driver dares to park his Dodge Challenger alongside the German oldie. The Challenger is better off, but it doesn't take long before the Kadett is up and over it. The souped-up Opel Kadett completes the quarter-mile drag race in just over 17 seconds. The Dodge probably comes in three seconds later with a healthy dose of shame.

After this, the Kadett will compete against a McLaren 720S. This car would have been tuned to more than 1,200 hp. The McLaren still gives the Kadett an advantage at the start, but in the end the supercar comes in six-tenths of a second earlier. The Kadett then hits the drag strip once more to reach a top speed of 297.76 km/h after half a mile (about 800 meters). Or is the speed also measured in miles?