Dog seats? Yes, there really

Böblingen, 10 June 2016

Knows everyone, but dog seats seats? That may be new to many. While the need is great: every eighth German holds one or several dogs. Where are you in the car? Combi drivers do buy there relatively easily, but extra a much bigger car because of the dogs, then this is not for everyone yet. Forfour recommends his five-door supermini smart with the so-called ReadySpace seats such buyers.

Twelve centimeters lower seat height

The man's supposed best friend travels some jogging in this respect are other view in the car with should he comfortably go can. What is trivial in young, large dogs, can be older and little to the problem. ReadySpace seats in the forfour will be the solution. You are offered for 275 euros the normal two back seat instead of. Here you can be individually swivel seat cushion with a handle in the footwell. Actually, they were invented to facilitate the transport of bulky items in the rear. But dog owners had the hang out fast: on the lower surface of the ReadySpace seats Bello & co come up more easily.

The seats stay clean

Here you can leave even a dog basket or a blanket. Because the cushion of the rear seat will be turned 180 degrees, they are clean and well maintained despite dog. "Many dogs have particularly like the space directly behind the mistress or master", white vet Heike Lieberknecht of the Hesse Birkenau. "The deeper position everyone is also well protected, if must be braked sharply or even cause an accident. "But please: the animal always buckle up!"

Unsecured dog? Threaten points

Because if not secured dog in the back seat could be hefty fines. Violations of the obligation to the securing of the load are punishable by fines, at acute risk even with points in Flensburg. Special straps or chest harnesses are available for a few euros. Where: the shorter the belt, the more secure. Into the buckle end of a can stuck easily. A dog box, which also fits on the rear seat of the forfour is another transport option. (sl)