Divine DS: As you like it

Cologne, September 4, 2014

In 1955 came the first Citroën DS. Since the book Tabel abbreviation in French is pronounced " déesse ", which translates as " goddess " means that the DS was considered by many to now only as " the Goddess ". The car, the polarized back then because of its avant-garde form and provided for its hydro-pneumatic sensation, went down in history and is now a sought-after collector's item.

Revived " DS " in 2010

Since 2010 Citroën DS breathes the symbol with special models back to life and wants to establish the two characters are still in 2014 as an independent brand. There are already at European dealers own showrooms, where the current models DS 3, DS 3 Convertible, DS 4 and DS 5 presents. Only in China, the sedan DS 5LS is offered, there is already a separate DS - distribution network.

Divine DS in Paris

At the Paris Motor Show 2014, the manufacturer wants the concept car " Divine DS " show. Freely interpreted the name could so much as the " enchanting goddess " mean. The compact four-door is 4.21 meters long and 1.98 meters wide. Note the headlights inspired by the DS3, the LED modules are modeled diamonds and carry their undersides Swarovski crystals. In addition, they work with a laser technology from 60 km / h supports the LEDs with light beam. Two powerful, integrated into the apron exhaust ports are the eye-catchers at the back part, in the side view reveals 20 - inch model. The roof has clear diamonds, which are reminiscent of the scales of a reptile. Moving facets on the rear window optimize the aerodynamics. Under one of these facets is a reversing camera space.

extravagant interior

The interior presents itself as a lush playground of the designer. Both the curved shape of the instrument panel as well as the rugged center console fit into a concept car of this type and are likely to have little chance of mass production. Most functions can be controlled on a 10.4 - inch touchscreen on the headliner, which also replaced the rear view mirror. The Navikarte is produced holographically above and behind the steering wheel so that the view must not digress from the street. That is not designed every detail of functionality, you know probably at the parent company Citroën: " The rectangular steering wheel is a true sculpture and promises new driving experience ," says transfiguring.

In 15 minutes, a new interior

There is an interesting new idea, which is called the producer " Hyper typing ". The customer can change the interior depending on your mood, as can the panel of the cockpit and the door sill exchange in just 15 minutes. At your disposal are three themes: " Mâle " to act maskulkin with carbon applications and red - stitched black glossy leather. " Parisienne Chic " speaks with ivory full grain leather, pleated and embroidered silk satin and pearls and crystals on the woman of the world. And " Fatale Punk " is targeted with deep black, pierced leather and shimmering Swarovski crystals to lovers of hard music. In the design by the famous rhinestone manufacturers participated France's most famous Maison Lesage embroidery, which cooperates with the famous names since 1860.

1.6 - liter engine with 270 hp

The Divine DS is powered by a 1.6 - liter turbocharged engine that delivers 270 hp and 330 Newton meters of torque. The Euro-6 engine will emit just 145 grams CO2 per kilometer despite all his strength. Whether the car anticipates an upcoming DS model or just a pure study, has not been said . (HD)