Discounts when buying a car Ford is particularly generous

Ford is particularly generous

Who wants to buy their new car cheap, must negotiate hard. Unless he goes to the Ford dealer.

In terms of new-vehicle discount Ford dealers are currently the most generous in the industry. In a test purchase study commissioned by the trade magazine "Automotive Week", the seller offered on the first visit of the test clients without prompting a discount of 19.9 percent. Far behind the Toyota dealer, who provided a discount of 15.2 percent in views and the Renault - contractors follow with an offer of 15 percent.

After all, 13 per cent and more acknowledged by the dealer Opel, Skoda, Kia and Hyundai. Fiat dealerships remained at 12.9 percent, just below this value. Comparatively little estate there was at Seat ( 11.8 percent) and Volkswagen (9.3 percent). Numerous volume brands undercut even some premium manufacturers who are traditionally less generous in terms of discount.

Volvo, however, conceded a discount of 13.8 per cent, 12.4 per cent BMW and Audi offered 9.2 percent. Hardener negotiate the seller of the Mercedes in which there were only 8 percent of the Mini, which offered 7.6 percent. The test visits were carried out between January and April.