Dirt 4: The Rally-Reference?

Munich, 22. June 2017

For quite a few Motorsport fans to show rally events, the true art of driving a car. What could be better than the fascination of the Brausens by field and hall to bring out as a video game. Titles such as "Colin McRae Rally" or the WRC series are such classics as "Richard Burns Rally". And finally, the "Dirt"series, the majority drew the focus on the Rallycross Sport, in the last part of the name of "Dirt Rally" but realism and classical elements in the center. Unfortunately, to the chagrin of many casual Gamers, who struggled with a complex control in vain to good places. Exactly this embrasure is now to bite the bullet the brand new "Dirt 4".

As you like it

Fans of "Dirt 2" and "Dirt 3" to be reconciled, because the developers of Codemasters at number Four back in the Rallycross world championship in the center. But also conventional rallies are also in the program, such as old vehicles, off-road Trucks and buggies. What is crucial is the possibility to choose between total realism and Arcade Gaming. You mean: Both the professional with the steering Wheel, pedals and other accessories, is happy, as well as the short-time gamers with a video game-Gamepad.

The Golden middle

I count to the latter variety, and choose "Gamer". After that, I have to measure me in a race, in which the appropriate level of difficulty is determined. However, I can set all driving AIDS individually. I'm in the 70% range, which makes victories easier for me, but the race is not to the Farce degenerated. Here the developers have managed the feat to meet the Golden mean between Under - and Overwhelmed. Probably a lesson from the complex "Dirt Rally".

Good Foundation Work

And yet something is well-solved: beginners can visit the "Dirt Academy" and there is no pressure, the basics. The power, despite the learning effect is quite fun, because you have to complete any ridiculous checks to the lessons. Then start small: one's own Team to build and design, sponsor recruitment, and first race with cars like the Opel Adam R 3 is complete. That sounds puny, but the learning and success curve in the career mode builds up a pleasantly linear.

Clean operation without a steering Wheel

A big plus point of the "Dirt 4": The control using the normal Gamepads (in my case the Xbox One) is awarded a success. It brakes and steers surprisingly sensitive. About 50 vehicles are in the course of time to Ride and ready to Buy. Classic rallies are completed in only five regions, the route diversity is enormous. If that's not enough, you can hunt trails with Buggies and Cross-time - and-scrap race, online trade fairs or in the rally school. Fine adjustments in Tuning are also possible. The good Balance is shown in the damage model: In Gamer mode, the car is not indestructible, but even after two contacts completely scrap.

Positive Impression Overall

Speaking of scrap: there Are points of criticism? Now, the graphics are a shade less realistic than in "Dirt Rally," but it remains a matter of taste, because the audience are involved actively in the Events. Also, the number of tests may be many players to low, on the other hand, the in-between allows for just a short game. The negative weighs in the fact that in the career mode, many aspects need to be paid outside of the cars with the in game points won. A Garage for more than four of the purchased vehicles, for example, should be in vain. But these are only small opacities of the very good overall impression of "Dirt 4". If 30-minutes-in short, a gambler, or a hours file Digital Röhrl, everyone has his pleasure and his Motivation. Available 4 is "Dirt" for the Playstation 4, the Xbox One and the PC. Cost, depending on the Version: between 50 and 60 Euro. (rh)