Directions to the game of football: most fans have patience

Munich, 28 April 2017

Nothing can shake off the game a football fan. The visitors need to on the way to the and can expect obstacles from the stadium in most cases. However, most positively assess the arrival and departure. This was the result of a survey of the Automobile Club ADAC among visitors of the ten largest German Premier League football stadiums.

Top rated: the stadium in Munich

More than half of the respondents gave a top rating for the arrival and departure by car or by public transport. Only six percent were particularly unhappy. The Bayern Munich's Allianz Arena occupies the top spot in the favor of the audience. Arrival and departure by car or public transportation (ÖPNV), parking, city bus stop, walk down and back almost 62 percent of the surveyed 300 visitors for this purpose give the ratings of 1 or 2 (of 6). Only the jam at the exit from the parking garage, as well as the narrowness in Fröttmaning subway station and the crowded Metro trains after the game give rise to criticism.

Frankfurt in last place

Not quite so positive, visitors see the path to the Commerzbank-Arena, the venue of Eintracht Frankfurt. You will slip on the last place in the comparison of the stadiums. However even here just 49 per cent for the round-trip awarded the ratings of 1 or 2. criticism is in Frankfurt, especially the low number of parking, a missing indication of available parking spaces, the backlog at the exit from the stadium and the crowd in the transport network of public transport.

Departure from the stadium is a problem often

The critical assessments of the Frankfurt Stadium visitors coincide largely with General statements of all survey participants: in sum, above all the points "Departure from the stadium" and "Spatial situation in public transport" give rise to criticism after the game. Is the arrival and departure in the afternoon games in the Bundesliga (game starts 15:30) mainly positive valued as at the games in the evening with kick-off times 17:30 or 20:30. In addition, the games are more popular than match days during the week on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Older fans are authorised

Little surprising: Are significantly more satisfied with the arrival and departure to "their" Stadium than the visiting team supporters of the home team. Also, older visitors are registered as younger. However: The more frequently go fans in the stadium, the less they are satisfied with the offers of public transport. And: people who are not walking or with other mobility limitations have to live, write a consistently worse the outward and return paths to and from the stadium.

Over 3,000 persons interviewed

A total of 3,050 persons between 18 and 69 years of age were asked. They were visitors at least one of the Bundesliga stadiums in Berlin, Bremen, Dortmund, Frankfurt, Gelsenkirchen, Hamburg, Cologne, Leipzig, Mönchengladbach and Munich in the year 2016. (sl)