Diesel is now available with automatic

Cologne, November 24, 2015

The Focus ST is currently one of the most popular cars with the Plum Logo. Since the beginning of the year, demand for the sporty compact car and its Combined brother has doubled. As Ford tells Europe 10,000 copies were sold in the first ten months 2015th The distribution between diesel and petrol is quite balanced: 54 percent of customers opt for the 250 - horsepower gasoline engine, 46 percent rely on the 185 - horsepower diesel. For the latter, a new transmission option will be available in the near future.

new transmission

The two-liter turbo diesel is then in addition to the six-speed manual transmission with start-stop system is also available with a six-speed Direct Shift Gearbox. Even that has the start-stop system and is furthermore equipped with shift paddles on the steering wheel.

Strong traces of diesel

With the new direct shift gearbox, the Focus ST Diesel sprints in 7.7 seconds from zero to one hundred, making it the strongest sprint diesel car made ​​by Ford for comparison: . The hand switch needs to perform the same task 8.2 seconds. The price for the new transmission will announce the beginning of December the manufacturer. When two-liter 150 - horsepower diesel automatic transmission will cost 1,750 euros extra . ( mf )