Design study DS X E-Tense

Cologne, 30. April 2018

Up to the year 2035 a lot of water still flows the Seine down, and what will be in 20 years, today is guess. Yet, somehow, you have to imagine the future, or? The seem is also the Designer of the DS have thought, anyway, they have designed a car for this time, the X E-Tense.

Autonomous and electrically

The sports coupe has an asymmetrical structure: the right side there is a hinged door, while the left is apparently a normal door. The left passenger also takes more front space than the right. Another seat that is not shown on the pictures, makes the car a three-seater. Who is driver and who is passenger, the occupant's discretion. Actually, no need at all to no one, because – you guessed it – the X E-Tense drives autonomously. More precisely: The car is controlled by a wizard with the rather female-sounding name of the Iris that occurs as a hologram.

Transparent Body Ground

If the occupants are suffering, on the hologram to stare at it, you can see through the transparent, dimmable floor the flying road. An innovative torsion bar suspension system ensures ride comfort and for the a electric is fitted the engine between the front wheels. It delivers 540 HP (400 kW), in the track mode 1,360 HP (1,000 kW).(sl)