„Dare to Dream“ with a "Flying Diamond"

Monaco, 9. November 2017

There are several ways, on this planet around. To water, on the Land or in the air. A 29-year-old part-time artist by the name of George Lucian has now designed for a visionary customer, the Super Yacht Airship Carrier Concept that tries to combine at least two types of movement.

Guest rooms, a Salon and into the weekend

The project combines a 140-metre-long sailing yacht, called "Dare to Dream" (dt. To dream "dare") with a 100-metre-long airship called the "Flying Diamond" (dt. "Flying Diamond"). Water as well as air vehicle to provide certain amenities. There could be accommodation for twelve guests and a lounge for Cocktails or dinner. With this combination, you could go for a sail, for example, Bay in a beautiful Mediterranean-and then from there, with the Zeppelin to ascend. Normal weekend trips.

Yachts, military and air ships

Inspiration, the artists looked for the end of sovereign of Monaco in the yacht industry, in the Design of military ships and in the design of airships from the beginning of the 20th century. Century. "Today we have lost the elegance and calmness of travel, the cruise and air ships at the beginning of the 20th century. Century offered. My concept would like to give back these feelings to his future owners," said Lucian. If the first orders have been received, is not known.(ml)