Crouching Koreans

Lennestadt, 30. June 2016

You have the nose full from the VW Passat Variant? Then you risk a look to South Korea ... to Kia, to be exact. The manufacturer has since the 2015 Optima sport wagon in the program. And if you, the Kia Combi is still not sporty enough, just have a look and then with the gear professionals from H&R.

Deeper and wider with H&R

The H&R engineers have now developed a special sport spring kit for the Optima SW. It reduces the ground clearance of the car by approximately 30 millimeters on front and rear axle. Thus, the Kia is not only still coherent, the body roll in fast cornering is also reduced, and the combination of a pivoted precise. According to H&R in the case of uninterrupted rest in comfort. In addition, can be aligned with the "Trak+"wheel spacers in different dimensions of the wheels to the body edges.


Prices? The sport spring set fails with 250 euros. The wheel spacers cost either 120 Euro (30 mm) or 127 Euro (36 mm) per axis.(ml)