Comes the LEGO Golf 1 GTI?

Munich, 3. November 2016

With LEGO, you can observe beautiful how democracy. In principle, anyone with a great idea and a knack for the Danish building blocks can can post his works in the LEGO ideas forum and then decide the Internet, whether or not it creates the own creation to the shelves of retailers. Recently only a privately built Caterham 620R was exactly according to the procedures of the official LEGO product range. Also a Ferrari F40, a VW Bulli or a mini were already immortalized in the form of logs. However, in the LEGO-compact sports segment, there seems to be a huge gap. These will include "hasskabal" now apparently LEGO - and GTI fan. His review: A very square and pretty cool VW Golf 1 GTI from exactly 1,278 small plastic stones.

Good chance

The LEGO Golf 1 GTI convinces with a detailed integrated engine compartment, a remarkably clean felt for Interior as well as the essential red strip around the grill, which was apparently made with the help of a ponytail. You need to know to help only. The vote for the iconic blocks GTI running under the Web address yet proverbial 583 days, still the silver ur hot hatch has already collected 4.116 from 10,000 voices, which are needed to make it into the official LEGO product testing. Taking into account how much has already received positive feedback of the 1er GTI, this final hurdle should be to master. Under the Christmas tree this year, LEGO-GTI will probably no longer be, 2017, the year of Wolfsburg block compact sport could be but. (black & white)