Come on ?? s!

Ingolstadt, September 24, 2014

After Audi has launched the coupe versions of TT and TTS on the market, now follow the Roadster. At the Paris Motor Show ( October 4 to 19 2014), the athletes are open for the first time in the spotlight. At this stage it is the TT Roadster already ordered, the TTS Roadster can be ordered from the start of 2015.

more wheelbase

As might be expected, the Roadster share the dimensions substantially with the coupe. The open TT is 4.17 meters long and 1.83 meters wide. While the length has shrunk somewhat in comparison to its predecessor, the new has won now 2.50 meters wheelbase nearly four inches. An electric fabric roof spans the passengers. Thanks to lightweight materials the soft top to weigh 39 kg and thus be three pounds lighter than its predecessor. It opens and closes in ten seconds, even while driving up to 50 km / h. In his aluminum tray behind the seats it takes the 280 - liter boot up any space.

Wind deflector and head space heating

To protect passengers against heat, cold and loud noises, the folding roof has not only a special insulation but also a thick fleece layer on the inner lining. For an additional charge, an electric power wind deflector and S sports seats can be ordered together with the head space heating.

New instruments and voice control

Like the Coupé, the Roadster gets the new virtual cockpit of the Audi. A digital instrument cluster replaces the analog instruments and the MMI monitor. The 12.3-inch display can be switched to two levels. In the classical view of the speedometer and tachometer dominate the " infotainment " mode back issues such as the mini-map in the foreground. In TTS can also make as racing instrument in the center of the rev counter. And the innovative voice control is transferred out of the closed variant. The system understands, for example, in the phone menu sentences in spoken language, such as "I want to talk to Claudia ", so you need not learn special voice commands by heart.

Two two-liter Otto and Diesel

Also no surprises there at the drives. For the TT are a two-liter TDI with 184 hp and a two-liter turbo gasoline engine with 230 hp to choose from, in the TTS powert this Otto with 310 hp. So fueled, the sprint powerhouse in 4.9 seconds to 100 and is regulated only at 250 km / h. The weaker gasoline engine derives its power as standard to a six-speed manual transmission, optional dual clutch gearbox six-speed S-tronic is to have. The newly developed all-wheel drive quattro is the TTS series, for the TT models, it is also desired it as the adaptive damper control Magnetic Ride.

From 37.900 €

The 2.0 TFSI is to have from 37,900 euros. The price includes xenon plus headlights, air conditioning and the MMI radio. On the 2.0 TFSI and the TTS also a lane departure warning system is fitted as standard. Surcharge included a lane assistant with steering intervention, a parking steering aid and traffic sign recognition can be ordered . (HD)