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Cologne, July 8, 2014

When it comes to new cars, many manufacturers prefer the salami tactics. Even Volvo stückelt the news about the new XC90 piecemeal. The most recent part of the elk salami treated the engines of large SUVs, which will be presented in the autumn of 2014 and comes on the market in spring 2015.

Double power plant

The highlight of the aggregates will be the plug-in hybrid with the abbreviation T8. In normal hybrid mode drives a two-liter gasoline engine combined with turbo and supercharged the front wheels while an electric motor with 60 kW output acts on the rear wheels. At low speeds, the compressor for pressure provides, but later switched to the turbo. By pressing a button, a pure E-mode ', here is the range will be around 40 km. The system performance of the XC90 is Volvo T8 with 400 hp, maximum torque should be 640 Newton meters. The CO2 emissions of the Sauber 's is about 60 grams per kilometer. Because the XC90 the first Volvo model that uses the so-called scalable product architecture (SPA ), there are no restrictions on the hybrid, despite space.

Strong and economical

If you prefer a classic, has the choice of two petrol and two diesel engines. Entry unit is the 190-hp D4, which should come to a consumption of five liters. It ranked the D5 Biturbo diesel with 225 hp and 470 Newton meters of torque. The gasoline engines are stronger: The T5 it brings the future to 254 hp ( plus nine PS), gained a lot also sets the T6 with supercharger and turbocharger. He makes the new XC90 320 HP, which is 14 hp more than before. ( rh )