Clean Girls: Hot Carwash 2015

Memmingen, October 7, 2014

Only every two years for accessories trade fair Automechanika reprint of hot Carwash Calendar of washes specialists Christ. Such new copy is now hot off the press appeared in 2015. The fans freuts: Meanwhile the erotic foliage has become a coveted cult object. This is partly due to the limited ?? for 2015, there are only 6,000 copies ?? partly to the fact that the calendar is awarded only to selected friends and customers of the house Christian. In the sale it does not reach.

Photographer Mark Goldberg seeks motifs world

For the 2015er - edition Photographer Mark Goldberg top models from Europe has set around the world in sexy scene. The subjects range from Australia to Austria to Sweden, Italy, Russia and Norway. The theme of this year's edition is therefore also suitable: "Christ all over the World " . (HD)