Cityflitzer teaches Tesla fear

Santa Pod ( UK ), September 11, 2015

At the finals of European drag racing championship in the English Santa Pod has managed an old, small car to impress the audience massively. The Enfield 8000 of Jonny Smith spanked namely as the fastest, street-legal electric car in Europe all Tesla duly ass ?? and this is already forty years old.

There was once a city car

Built to go the oil crisis in the 1970s out of the way, the Enfield 8000 lived with his standard eight hp at 975 kg ?? 308 kg of which weighed alone ?? batteries a more comfortable life than emission-free Stadflitzer in the service of a local electricity provider. It has an aluminum body through a steel tube frame, a technique that was then used in Aston Martin. Technical highlights include run-flat tires and a heated windscreen. The Enfield was built only 120 times. Among other things, because he, despite 31 centimeter shorter wheelbase, the two and a half times that of a Minis cost. He also was not very competitive with a 55 kilometer range and a top speed of 65 km / h. Today, there are 120 of the vehicles that need 12.5 seconds to accelerate from zero to 50 km / h estimated another 30 pieces.

Small but common

One of these 30 Enfield owned by the television presenter Jonny Smith. He has transformed the small, yellow flea within the past three years into a veritable monster of drag Stips. Instead of the very meager eight horsepower of the original drive of Enfield effort now with 1,000 horsepower as a rampaging Flummi on racetracks ?? and on public roads. Because to be able to secure the title "fastest street-legal electric car in Europe " may have to the Enfield ?? correct ?? be street legal. In order to provide the proof, the participants prior to the event should complete about 40 kilometers on public roads without breakdown or unassisted. The Enfield, which was only recently equipped with wipers and horn, but also mastered the brilliantly.

Faster Than a Tesla

In the final, finally got a 2,000-horsepower Nissan GTR as strong opponents next to Enfield. A defeat that Jonny Smith gladly pocketed after his time in black and white in his hands: 10.84 seconds on the quarter mile, with a top speed of 195 km / h. He pulverized the time of the Tesla Model S to just under seven tenths of a second. The best value of the Tesla is 11.5 seconds. " I still can not believe it. When I saw the time, I was so happy that I had to kiss my teammates Nick on the lips ", announced an overjoyed Jonny Smith on record. " The car is amazing. He has tons of grip and shoots with an incredible straight forward. And it has never tried to take away my. Just great. " ( mf )