Citroen CX -R Concept Mini SUV to China

Mini SUV to China

In Germany Citroen waived been on a mini - SUV. In China, now is an appropriate model but in the wings. Especially apparent after rolling this Citroen SUV only asian slopes.

The near-production study of a mini SUV Citroen presented now at Auto China in Beijing. The CX-R concept car called points to a corresponding model, which together with its Chinese joint venture partner Dongfeng want to bring to market the French.

With 4.26 meters in length and the relatively conventional SUV design of the Citroen is somewhat reminiscent of the Peugeot 2008, which is sold in Germany since the middle of last year. The Citroen however, there will not be here. The brand is available in Europe instead on the autumn C4 Cactus, the externally while also remembers his high body be built on an SUV conceptually but is something like the reincarnation of the legendary duck. So to as the exchangeable body protective pads keep the cost of purchasing and running costs low about simple but clever engineering solutions and innovations.