Cadillac's „small“ SUV

New York (USA), 28. March 2018

In case you were wondering: no, Cadillac is not a Whit different than other Premium car manufacturers. What is in demand, SUVs, SUVs, and once again SUVs. In the States, the SUV share for Cadillac is a whopping 60 percent. Not surprisingly, on the New York Auto Show so what's in the Luggage? Properly, a new SUV. It is, XT4, is the smallest high-roof car of Cadillac and is therefore likely to push the sales significantly.

Slightly smaller than X3 and co.

With a length of 4.60 meters and a wheelbase of 2.78 meters, the XT4 is a little smaller than the BMW X3, Audi Q5, the Mercedes GLC, and co., is more in line with the Land Rover Discovery Sport. In order to have its main competitors together, which should be all a whole corner more expensive. Especially in Europe, actually, as a luxury brand, well-known Americans are coming, Yes, but right on the price. If the XT4 is available in the fall of 2018 at the US dealers, then he will do the 35.790 US Dollar. A starting price of under € 40,000 will be released so realistic.

240-HP Turbo-diesel

For this you will get a new 2.0-Liter Turbo four-cylinder with 240 horsepower and 350 Newton-meters of torque. A nine-speed automatic, the power goes either to the front or to all four wheels. Driving performance for the 1.660-pound five-seater Cadillac is not announced yet. However, we know the boot volume. A minimum of 637 litres to sound more than decent. A maximum of 1,385 litres rather not. The manufacturer promises the best-of-Class, what relates to the space in row two.

A Lot Of Luxury Equipment

Visually, the new XT4 is instantly recognizable as a Cadillac. LED lighting all around is the same series as 18-inch wheels. 20-inch there are available at a surcharge. Inside, the usual luxurious. With a lot of leather and an Eight-inch infotainment system, which can now be used in addition to the usual touch operation via rotary-Push control knob handled. Facilities include things like a 360-degree camera, several USB Ports and power outlets, wireless Smartphone continue Shop, air ionizers, or Cadillacs in the interior rearview mirror based rearview camera. Depending on the Version of decors in addition, in precious wood, gloss black or Carbon. Who is to order the trim-Level Sport gets adaptive dampers. An electro-hydraulic Brake-by-Wire System is, in any case, series. What time is the new Cadillac XT4 comes to Germany, is not yet clear.(sw)