British humor in a product

Hair, August 22, 2014

Between Ireland and Great Britain is a small island with just 85,000 inhabitants, the Isle of Man. The autonomous Kronbesitz is known as a tax haven and home of the most controversial and most dangerous motorcycle race in the world, the Tourist Trophy. But an industrial site? In fact, were made ​​on the small island from 1962 to 1969 cars, which are now among coveted collectibles. Why? The P50 is the company Peel for 50 years now in the Guinness Book of Records as the smallest production car in the world with street legal. If British humor a product would be, it would be a vehicle of Peel. It is obvious that the small covered lawn mower arrived in time to great media hype. Jeremy Clarkson of TopGear England tests as car (chen) in the City of London and went with him even through the BBC studios rooms.

The smallest car in the world

The motorized shoe box is just 1.35 meters long and 99 centimeters wide. That was enough for the single-seat and 60-kilogram P50 to accommodate a person behind the wheel. The 4.2 hp mini gasoline can if it is because brave enough to accelerate the midget up to 70 km / h. 199 pounds had to wages in the sixties for the Dwarf car. Today, that would be about 1,100 euros. Little money compared to the prices that are now reached at auctions. An original P50 achieved recently a high bid of just under 100,000 euros. Course with only 50 built and preserved until today just 27 copies.

Even built as a two-seater

Who wished accompaniment on his shopping trips, this dream could meet with the produced also by Peel Trident. The two-seater propelled cheese bell is slightly larger and 30 kilograms heavier than the P50. Otherwise, both Mini-Mobile come out with the same technique: An engine, three wheels, three forward gears and no reverse gear. Ready! The Trident was built about 80 times and is now not quite as exclusive as the single-seat little brother with a fancy price of about 80,000 euros. But anyway, even next to a Trident acts a classic Mini Cooper still as a Pullman limousine for state employees.

Reprint and British humor

The good news is the exorbitant prices lovers no longer have to be paid. Two London young entrepreneurs put both the P50 and the Trident again and prove once again British humor. The top management to Faizal Khan and Gary Hillman wants so give everyone the chance to be a world record - vehicle owners.

Small or large changes

The body remains largely unchanged in the new edition. Only the P50 grew three inches in length and five centimeters in width. Both models were ordinary light equipment donated, modern engines, a reverse gear and new brake systems missed. The engine is a moped Honda engine with still 49 cubic centimeters, but only 3.3 hp. This should result in a consumption of about two liters per 100 kilometers. The P50 is offered even as an electric runabout. Slightly more than 20 kilometers of range but anything other than a record.

Small car, great price

Although P50 and Trident are small in their outer dimensions. The purse should be sized larger. From 14,500 euros a micro - car, you can put yourself in the garage ?? optional course in the doghouse, which should be enough. Given the collector prices for original copies are 14,500 euros but a bargain and the parking ticket can contact the Peel vehicles still save. So it goes: just use the car at the grocery store as a shopping trolley or park at work right next to the desk . (ml)