BMWs ?? Coupé Sport Lightweight ??

Munich, May 22, 2015

On the held annually Concorso d`Eleganza in Cernobbio, Italy, BMW is also in 2015 ( May 22 to 24 ) past between automotive beauties days a new concept car. Since for many BMW fans of BMW 3.0 CSL of the 1970s, part of the quintessential sporting BMW vehicles, the Baiuvarii automaker this year, the study 3.0 CSL tribute in his luggage.

Carbon fiber composites as a basis

" CSL " stands for " Coupé Sport Lightweight ". So the racers from the seventies through the bonnet, boot lid and fenders made ​​of aluminum, plexiglass and consistent reduction to the essentials was about 200 kilograms lighter than its sister model 3.0 CS. At that time was the material of the aluminum lightweight choice now offer carbon fiber composites the best ratio of weight and stability. For this reason, this material comes in the 3.0 CSL tribute large area for use.

Aerodynamics and citations of the exterior

The exterior of the BMW 3.0 CSL tribute is a mixture of quotations of the historical model and modern air duct. You will find the typical BMW kidney and an aerodynamic component which vents the engine compartment at the front. The front headlamps work with laser light and LED technology. An "X " in the luminous graphics reminiscent of the X-shaped taping the headlights in endurance racing. The rear lights also work with LED technology. A band of light in the spoiler Moreover, both tail lamps. Furthermore, the rear spoiler to increase the pressure on the driven rear axle. The wheel arches of the concept vehicle are filled with 21-inch wheels in bi-color optic.

Maximum reduced interior

In maximum reduced interior of the lightweight concept and the racing character of the 3.0 CSL homage be visible. The passengers take place and bucket seats are held by six-point belts in the pews. The Infotainment is limited to a central display on the steering column. It informs the driver about the gear engaged, the speed, the rotational speed and the shift timing. Security features such as outlet nozzles for extinguishing foam fire extinguisher itself and the two switches in the center console for emergency stop and the erasing mechanism are worden.Die red anodized single elements in the rear are two built in the center tunnel helmets and a cover for an ominous energy storage called " eBoost ".

Drive option and series prospects

What exactly in 3.0 to provide CSL tribute for propulsion, however, is not yet known. BMW leaves indicated that an inline six-cylinder engine could be used. This is to be equipped with an electric boost function. Whether and when can be expected with a production stage for the 3.0 CSL tribute, the manufacturer does not tell. However, we assume that there ?? As with all previous Concorso - d`Eleganza vehicles ?? will remain in a pure study . (ml)