The BMW M3 CSL was presented at the Geneva Motor Show in 2003 and commemorates the legend ary achievements of the famous lightweight coupe in touring car racing in the 70s. The BMW M3 CSL combines not only more power than the M3, it is the more power even at a less weight over. This saves not only the carbon-fiber reinforced plastic weight (around 110 kilograms lighter than the series-M3, the BMW M3 CSL weighs only 1385 kg), allowing its use even to the body extremities and higher cornering speeds. Particularly significant to the intelligent lightweight construction of the BMW M3 CSL affect the roof. This large-scale component in the visible CFRP, produced at BMW's Landshut plant of specialists, not only around six kilograms lighter than a conventional roof, it lowers its exposed position of the focal points of the car. But not only lightweight concepts give the BMW M3 CSL more dynamic, also be in-line six-cylinder engine has been reworked : The resulting 360 hp M engineers brought the 3.2-liter. So the BMW M3 CSL, the sprint from a standstill to 100 km / h in 4.9 seconds from zero to 200, he needed 16.8 seconds, which are sports car values ​​. The top speed is electronically limited to 250 km / hr. Looking for a sports car? Whether roadster, coupe or convertible, at this site you can park your car at a low price online.

Technical details

2008 4 Gasoline 420 HP Sedan
Series since 2008
Types Cabrio, Coupe
Engine capacity 3999 cm³
Performance 420 HP (309 kW)
Top speed 250 km/h
Acceleration (0-100 km/h) 4,6 sec
Gearbox 7-speed automatic
Drive rear
Number of doors 2
Number of seats 4
Body type Sedan
CO2 emissions 263 g/km
Environmental zone 4
Emission Class Euro 4,Euro 5
Fuel Gasoline
Consumption according to the manufacturer 15,9 l/100km (city) 8,5 l/100km (highway) 11,2 l/100km (total)
Actual consumption --
Length 4,62 m
Width 1,8 m
Height 1,39 m
Boot volume 440 l
Empty weight 1600 kg
Payload 480 kg
Price 1629
Insurance class 19 HF / 30 TK / 32 VK

BMW M3 CSL photos