BMW X4 From practical to provocative

From practical to provocative

The X3 is a bestseller - but good and honest. Therefore, the practitioner will now become the provocateur and zealous than SUV - coupe X4 X6 after the successful model. The step is logical but not repeatable.

Elegant and efficient, practical, family-friendly and depending on the engine even halfway reasonable. Thus, it has managed a best seller in its segment, the BMW X3. But in addition to cars like the Range Rover Evoque and more like the Porsche Macan Bayer acts now somewhat brave and honest. But not for long. Because for aesthetes and self-promoter in the SUV middle class, the practitioner will now become the provocateur and starts in the summer by as X4. "Where the X3 especially rational appeals to customers, we want to reach all those buyers who are enthusiastic about the design, with this vehicle ," says product manager Richard Jacobi this step.

Much courage does not need it for this course. Finally, Jacobi can build on the experience with the big brother X6, which has exceeded internal expectations and become the shooting star. Around 250,000 copies in six years, still delivery periods and in countries like Russia more approvals than for the brave brother X5 - that could not have been in Munich even the biggest optimist dream. " We now want to repeat this success in a class including" says Jacobi.

However, the X4 is not X6, which was washed too hot. You had to get accustomed with their debut in 2008 at the equally flashy as provocative force Grumpy from the upper class, his little brother is drawn much more socially acceptable. Of course, sportier and sleeker than the X3, flatter and more emphasized in the width, but the X4 looks in every perspective consistent. Neither the own eye nor the neighbor will accept any view impetus.

© BMWNur when boarding you have to stop to move a bit the head   The coupe is indeed exactly the same length as the X3 with 4.67 meters and, of course, also has four doors. But the roofline ducks four centimeters lower on the road and where the X3 with regard to the kids has a large box as a tail, the X4 an elegant dome, which expires in a perky rump guaranteed. The shape, not the function sets the tone here. Yet, they run at the first seat fitting on the back seat of room for two and a pinch times for three people. Only when boarding you have to stop to move a bit upside down. And be careful when packing a little on her luggage. Because the trunk shrinks to 500 liters and can in future also extend only to 1400 liters.

For quick stroke of the designer there are a sporty interpretation of steering, suspension and control systems that will be supported by a two inches deeper seating position. BMW also makes the entry-level engines for savers and fun brakes are not needed as well as the pure rear-wheel drive and goes under the hood of the same in the solid. Almost at least. For a thoroughbred M model there will not be even in response to the Porsche Macan well, Product Manager Jacobi must admit.

Do not worry: Schleicher to the pretty boy in the SUV but still is not therefore. Even the basic version comes as a diesel to 139 kW/190 hp and 135 kW/184 hp at a petrol. And who two steps further lurches upward, who has kW/313 hp or 224 kW/306 hp in the car may note at the end of 229. Even the weakest X4 sprints therefore in 8.1 seconds from 0 to 100, the fastest creates that discipline in 5.2 seconds and the top speed to give the Bavarians at 212-247 km / hr. And if it is really interested in a car like someone: Consumption is between 5.2 liters and 8.3 liters for the 20d for the 35i.

As always when it comes to the beautiful appearance, you have to also grab a bit deeper into their pockets for it. Finally available on July X4 will not start at 45,600 euros. However, of the approximately 4,500 euros, which thus separate it from the X3, we must not let scare, warns Product Manager Jacobi. A large part of this can be offset against the more facilities. After all, unlike the X3 always xenon headlights, a power liftgate, 18-inch model and the sporty programming for steering and automatic on board. "This melts the real price difference to about 1,000 euros ," says Jacobi and has to make the paragraph probably not worry. After the factory in Spartanburg already running at the limit, the U.S. plant must therefore now well again be increased a bit.

The X6 is a hit and the X4 is a promising candidate for success - can this history might not repeat one more time? As Product Manager Jacobi is more skeptical. After the similar knitted Mini Paceman not just dominate the street scene and the transition to the new front-wheel drive architecture for the next X1 driving dynamics is not very useful, BMW has abandoned this idea apparently once again, says Jacobi, " The planned X2 we have therefore canceled again. "